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African Living- Our Story

African living was founded in 2005 with the goal to connect businesses in Europe, Africa and around the world. In the era of digital global connectivity, managing businesses require input and resources from different parts of the world. We have a broad network of services and knowledge to help our clients.

As members of Chambers of Commerce in Africa and Europe, we have supported various multicultural, projects and business initiatives on both continents. Africanliving has a track record of leveraging its network to offer unique and practical results in its projects. The mutual respect and goodwill between Africanliving and its partner network give us an advantage and experience we devotedly pass on to our clients. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make our clients successful by providing an atmosphere for a fully interactive business climate to enable our clients to understand their businesses even more considering the intricacies of the international market. Our teams are focused on bridging people in business by creating trust and forging co-operation within continuously evolving African markets.

Mission Statement

Africanliving is on a mission to build a multicultural environment in modern Consultancy.

Why Work With Us?

We are simply practical and cost-effective. 

As we dwell on the principle of it’s not over until is done. 

We equally offer a follow up to those that require it. 

We cherish our relationship with the clients as we help them attain a sustainable solution: 

We already have a catalogue of solution providers in certain sectors and the list is growing by the day. 

Like. #Defence #Mining # Petroleum #Solar panels #Sustainable energy #Learning & Development  

Our Team

People who make everything happen for you.

Ernest Ngadiuba

Ernest Ngadiuba


Anna palmquist n.

Anna palmquist n.

Chief Financial Officer

Magraret Benson

Magraret Benson

Human Resource Manager



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